Retailing, both through traditional small businesses and supermarkets, is one of the sectors in which our range of products for the home is solidly established. All the products incorporated into this line of business under the different brands are designed and manufactured to offer optimum performance in domestic use. In addition, special attention has been paid to the design of the packaging, so that the presentation of the product at the point of sale is attractive to the end consumer.

Cok is our brand of household goods. The product design is focused on creating table and kitchen items that are practical, attractive and durable. The product range of the Cok brand is very wide and contains from glasses, cups and glass jars to ceramic crockery, non-stick aluminium pans, stainless steel cutlery, ironing boards, etc.




This new line of glass tumblers has been designed to meet the growing demand for glassware decorated with geometric motifs. The secret of the success of this collection is that it brings a distinguished and elegant touch to the table without affecting the functionality or competitiveness of the product.



Opal tempered glass tableware is one of the most traditional products in the Spanish household goods market and one of the most emblematic products of the Cok brand. The key to the great success of this range of products is that it is made with a resistant, elegant, hygienic and affordable material.



The Blackblock family of products has been thoroughly designed for your complete enjoyment in the kitchen. The rough texture serves as a finish for a pan whose double non-stick layer has obtained the Cookmark quality seal, which confirms its great durability. The induction base, suitable for all types of fires and its soft touch handle, make cooking an exceptional experience, from start to finish..



Alorno is our brand of borosilicate glass products. The Alorno product range consists of trays and moulds of different shapes and sizes that are suitable for baking in the oven thanks to the physical qualities of borosilicate glass.


The manufacturing technology and the special composition of borosilicate glass make our baking trays withstand the most extreme temperature changes and can go from being in the oven to going directly to the freezer without suffering any kind of breakage.